About Flamingo

At Flamingo Tile, Inc we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard for craftsmanship and professionalism. We do not price jobs out solely based on a per square foot price. We do a thorough consultation to make sure that we give you an accurate price the first time. Unless the customer changes something our price is our price and it will not change. With tile work you always get what you pay for, if you are looking for high quality craftsmanship, professionalism, care, and installers who are meticulous, then you have come to the right place. We have a long term working relationship with anyone who will be working in your home. All individuals who will be working on your tile installation are covered by our insurance and license. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We operate strictly within the California labor codes and the California State Licensing Board rules and regulations. 

Selecting Your Tile

We highly recommend visiting some showrooms if you are in the planning stages of your project. If you need any help with the design of your project, we have a design expert who will work with you to create the tile project of your dreams. While it is possible to find and order your tiles online, it would be best to buy from a reputable dealer. Online orders from discount websites often deliver damaged or cheap tiles. What this means is the tiles are inconsistent sizes, thicknesses, or layout within a mounting sheet creating inconsistent grout lines. Cheap tiles usually yield sloppy cuts and jagged edges, this really shows once the grout is applied and washed down into the cracks. The finish also tends to etch or appear scratched and hazy once the installation is complete. Flamingo Tile cannot be held responsible for a defect in a poorly made tile.

There are many great showrooms to visit around San Diego. We receive a contractor discount at the some of the following vendors and we always extend that discount to our customers. The vendors that we receive a discount at will be denoted with CD.
-Tierra y Fuego  (CD)
-Arizona Tile  (CD)
-Emser  (CD)
-Stones Unlimited  (CD) 
-Classic Tile and Mosaic (Little Italy)  (CD)
-BDG Design Group
-European Tile Art 
-Cabachon Tile 
We have also spent a lot of time researching unique and artistic tile from around the world. The following sites have some beautiful unique tile, however the wait time on getting your order may be a little longer than a local vendor.
-Kaza Concrete 
-Pratt and Larson 
-Allison Eden Studios 
-Big Box Tile
-Cement Tile Shop 


When you are planning your project it is important to consider all aspects of your tile installation. Often times, people don't think of how the tile will terminate; where will the tile stop and how? For instance with a backsplash, one end of your backsplash may stop at a perpendicular wall or cabinet but the other end may be exposed for all to see. It is common to have the tile stop on it's own with no trim. There is no right or wrong way to design your installation, what you choose is a matter of personal taste. Leaving the tile end exposed may also leave tile cuts exposed, which sometimes reveals the inside of the tile, often a different color than the finished glaze. 

If you are interested in adding a trim to your design some different types of trim to research are:
-Pencil trim, often made of stone and used in stone or porcelain/ceramic installations.
-Schluter/Homelux/American Olean trim. These are a metal cap offered in a vast array of designs and finishes. Usually used in a sleek, modern installation.
-Bullnose is a piece of porcelain, ceramic or stone tile with a finished side edge.


At Flamingo Tile, Inc we work hard to deliver a quality installation that will last you a long time. Oftentimes the grout or tile can tend to look dirty or dull long before it is time to remodel again. This is easily avoidable by sealing the project upon completion. Sealing your grout offers stain resistance and makes it much easier to clean. Grout is very porous and tends to absorb dirt, soap scum and mold. Sealing the grout keeps such things from penetrating below the surface, allowing you to wipe it off the surface. Sealer is very important for natural stone as well for all of the same reasons. Sealing is not included in most of our bids, it is considered optional and it will be a separate charge. Please let us know if you would like to add this service to your project. It is recommended that you reseal your tile and grout every couple of years. This is also a service that we provide.

Knowing Your Contractor

No matter who you decide to hire for your tile installation, for your safety, please be sure that your installer is a licensed contractor and is also licensed to do all of the work they are offering to do. Many people licensed for tile work will also offer to take on other non-tile related projects in your home, this is illegal. In California there are different licenses for each trade, as well as a General Contractor License for people who cover more than 1 trade. A tile contractor is a C54 and is only allowed to do tile. Also be sure that your contractor is properly insured to have employees(Workers Comp Insurance), if they are not, then they are probably paying their employees under the table and not reporting the proper taxes. If those are the risks that someone would take with their business, just imagine what risks they may take with your home. You can check to see if a contractor is licensed and is allowed to have employees HERE  . Our Lic#972369